Saturday, 16 July 2022

WotR Mounted Peasants

   In what I'm going to start calling Cav-uly because I know what my painting queue looks like, the next units to be finished are a couple of units I said I probably wouldn't be buying for a while, light cavalry for my Lancastrian War of the Roses force - namely a unit of Sowrers and a unit of mounted archers. One of each so I could see how they were on the board, but they might be a useful basis for an ambush game in the future*.

*and there is no guarantee I won't buy another box before the game anyway

   As you might be able to tell, I painted the horses in the same batches I painted the middle eastern horses from the last post, and then the next post or few (also cavalry) were then mixed in as well. I also added another one of the metal mounted men at arms I had in my back pile, because by the time you are painting 36 cavalry from various projects, what is one more?

Thanks for reading