Tuesday, 5 July 2022


   I've been spending a bit of time on my hobby spreadsheet since starting my new role as it seemed like a perfect time to really sit back and take stock as I'm not gaming every week and painting had slowed right down. One of the things I noticed is how many wagons there are on the list - I suspect from my every army needs some baggage aim in 2020. So, I decided as a nice mini project over the next few months or so, I would spend some time digging out as many of the wagon kits as I could and get them off the painting queue.
   I've gone through my backlog and dug out the vast bulk of my wagons, most* are now built and sprayed, so now it's just a case of painting them in batches.
*I ran out of space on my shelf to add more

   First up are the nominally dark age wagons. It's two packs of Gripping Beast's wagons - so a pair of handcarts and a pair of small horse drawn wagons. The one big thing I have done with these that I plan to do going forward is actually filling the back of the wagon up, it sounds like such an obvious detail but a fair few of my earlier baggage trains aren't actually carrying anything. 
   For these I put an important box on one hand cart - maybe a relic or the army's pay(?), the second has some axes, while one of the wagons is full of apples and the other is a mix of pots and crates.

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