Tuesday, 20 September 2022

For Religion, King and Kingdom

  When I visited Marston Moor in 2020, I'd just finished two sides for ECW, played my first and only games of the period and was busy buying up boxes of figures aware that with lockdowns and a kid on the way, a backlog wouldn't hurt. I came away from the battlefield as inspired as you might imagine but also having learnt how important a role the Covenantors had played in the war, so I was still in sight of the battlefield when I placed an order for a box of Warlord Games Covenantors*.

   Two years later and I feel like the box has matured quite nicely, so it's time to crack it open and get to work. I'll go into detail about which regiment these are once I do the pikemen, but for now they are wearing the favoured Covenanter grey jackets and blue bonnets.

*this being the same holiday I started ordering early imperial romans as well**

**which turned out to be interesting as I think there ended up being 3 packages from that company waiting at my local Royal Mail depot

   Also, it was quite interesting on my last post that I got picked up on the phrase "our king". I can only assume I ended up on an anti-monarchy facebook page somewhere as my page views sky rocketed with anti-monarchy comments from anonymous posters. I explained to the first one my view point and why I had used the phrase, then as I received about another 20 or so over the next 24 hours, some of which were getting fairly nasty, I decided to delete all but the first comment.

   I suppose at this point I should probably thank the commenters as they have helped my blog's SEO - not something I care about, but never hurts.

Thanks for reading


  1. It’s because there is a lot of anti monarchy sentiment now. People are just fed up with the royals. Anonymous post because like me people cannot work out how to log in and comment. Simon.

  2. I agree with the above comment

  3. The anti monarchy posts are not surprising. I do not think there is anything nefarious like Facebook pages or bots and the like. People are just fed up with the institution generally and it’s cost. Not sure if they will release the cost for the funeral. Willing to bet it’s eye watering and something the public purse could have been better used for.

    1. Like how many operations or treatments could the money have funded?