Wednesday, 31 August 2022

Egyptian Chariots

   Carrying on with the same project, here are the two units of finished Ancient Egyptian Chariots. As the new edition of Lion Rampant suggests and following on from mods I've seen online, I'm using units of 2 chariots, so that each model is about 3 'wounds' to give a reasonable strength breakdown for the unit itself. 

   One of the things I've noticed in my research is that most of the chariots depicted in wall art aren't very colourful at all, with the odd exception, so I've gone for a middle ground of having colours but not being colourful*. And in complete disregard to the photos, I am more likely to have mixed units of chariot (a lighter and a heavy in each unit) than the single types I've photographed, but my point stands.

*I think

   I've still got to finish the Pharaoh's chariot (almost finished) and the last unit of infantry, but this is now a playable army, so I'll need to get a game lined up for them and hopefully push myself to finish the last few bits off.

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