Friday, 19 August 2016

Somali Pirates

    First thing, I want to mention that I didn't paint these figures, I am not going to claim credit for them but with a week of half finished projects, I've got nothing of my own painted so these guys get the limelight. 

    In a natural (?) progression from Sangin Skirmish in Afghanistan, we have decided to have a look at playing a game set in a different theatre that could affect our game and we picked a game based on how the Taliban get their supplies and materials. Somali pirates became the obvious go-to project.*

* Conversations about wargaming
should never be taken out of context.
eureka somali pirates sangin skirmish

eureka somali sangin skirmish africa

     The models are from Eureka Miniatures and the paint job is by Daemontail Miniatures. This was my first foray into professional painters and one that I doubt I will make too much of a habit of but I am really impressed with the results.*
     I've had these sitting on my desk since Salute and I just couldn't get myself to motivated to start putting paint onto them, so as there we only twelve it seemed like the perfect opportunity to send them to a mate who kept mentioning about his painting studio. It was also quite good fun finding images of the football shirts I wanted knowing full well someone else was going to have to attempt to do them.

* Painting your own figures is
what makes the army feel 
'yours' in my head.

deamontail miniatures essex fgure painter studio

Now to sort out the ship. . .

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Friday, 12 August 2016

A road I didn't think I would walk

     While I didn't get around to playing much Warhammer Fantasy - price point and my limited attention span meant that a whole army wasn't going to happen - I was amongst the hordes of gamers who were shocked when GW killed their world off and created a whole new setting. I was listening to the Heelan Hammer podcast as it unfolded and agreed with them that with the way the fluff was going and the 'End Times' setting that had been in place for so long meant something had to happen.*
    Age of Sigmar was still a shock and I won't lie and tell you that when I saw my first Stormcast figure I decided I needed an army of them there and then, because I really didn't like them. Really didn't. Now the internet rage has died down, however, speaking to the few gamers who have given the game it's fair chance (and seeing all the cool stuff at Warhammer world) it sounds like a really good game. Two separate people have described the game as GW taking the best bits of both Warhammer games and LotR (which I still maintain is the best GW ruleset ever) and mixing them into a stunning game. How could I not give that a try?
 * Be careful what you wish for
40k players
aos stormcast eternal liberators starter set

    I'm still not 100% on the fluff but this game has so many entry points that I don't think it matters. This is my first unit of Stormcast Eternals Liberators (to give them their full name). I have gone with the GW studio scheme of gold armour and blue, but I am using different transfers* on the shoulder pads mark them out as my figures.
* Blood Angel squad symbols in this case
stormcast eternal colour scheme
The figure that came 'free' on the front of the 'Get started with AOS' that GW produced. 

     I know this blog post isn't going to be for everyone but that's the joy of blogging, if a post comes up on your feed that you have no interest in you don't need to read it. Hopefully, I might have inspired someone else to have another look at AOS even if they have no intention of playing it. While I wait for my second troop and first HQ to appear from ebay so I can try and get a game in.

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Tuesday, 9 August 2016

AT rifle for the VBCW Albertines

     VBCW is one of those weird projects where I love the premise, I love the models, I will collect way too many figures for but I doubt I will ever actually play unless I can twist the arms of the people around me. 
     Knowing that, however, here I am with another unit for my much beloved Albertines, an AT rifle team from Footsore miniatures. I was looking at my force on an older blog post (VBCW Albertines) and something clicked in my head, I still need more in my motor pool but I also need a way of dealing with opposing vehicles as well that isn't just big guns on various cars or tanks and, in this period, an AT rifle felt like the answer. 

vbcw at rifle team footsore minatures

vbcw albertine weapon team

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Monday, 8 August 2016

Saga Iron Man - The Movie

    A completely unplanned post but one that made me laugh when I spotted it. I'm in the Wargames Illustrated magazine's Saga Iron Man day's movie, not once but twice.*

* I'm not built for tv work.

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Friday, 5 August 2016

Little slice of Normandy

    After a weekend in Lille and Yres at the end of May I was full of ideas for the pile of MDF buildings languishing in the corner of my man-cave. I had built them all nearly a full year ago, played a single game with them unpainted and just couldn't get the enthusiasm to know what to do with them. A year later, and armed with lots of photos of French buildings, I now had a plan.

     These are the first two I have finished; a Sarissa Precision shop and cafe. 

painted sarissa buildings normandy

sarissa bombed normandy shop

       One of the things I have noticed both online and with other players is most people just paint the inside of their bombed out buildings in the same coat as the outside just so there is no bare wood on the model. This is fine but I had other ideas.*
* Although it is probably
a little too perfect inside
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Monday, 1 August 2016

German tank crew

     When I start playing Bolt Action a bit more regularly we have planned to try a map based campaign and one of the rules we would like to try is allowing tank crews to gain experience. This then means that crews have to survive.
     Our house rules will allow a roll for X number of the crew to survive and try to get off the board, so I needed to pick up some crew. Step up the famous 50% off Black Tree Designs sale.

german tank crew black tree designs bolt action

     The annoying thing I have found out is Panzer III and 1V both had 5 man crews but with 2 packs  of men I am unlikely to have two full crews running around at any time.

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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Saga Iron Man Contest

    Saturday saw the first of what will hopefully be an annual event, the Saga Iron Man Contest. A grueling day of Saga games using other people's warbands to find the best player out there, if you believe the blurb. In reality, it was a really laid back, fun event, with very few players taking it any more seriously than they had to, something I hope the organisers (Wargames Illustrated) are very proud of.

wargames illustrated saga iron man contest
 A photo of the room just after I turned up.

saga anglo-danes
My first game was Anglo-Danes vs Normans. My opponent was Roger who was one of the Gripping Beast guys who stood in because my actual first opponent was ill and was a really good laugh. This was my first game of Saga for possibly two years and I was very rusty, but the strength of this set of rules are how quickly you can pick them up and by the end of the game I felt I had a decent grasp on what was going on again. The biggest lesson learned in this game was not to charge with Anglo-Danes until your opponent is completely worn down.

saga steppe tribes
My second game was Steppes Tribes vs Rus Princes. This game was against Tracy and for me was an unmitigated disaster. I went in without a real plan, relying on guys being slightly less fragile than they were, and then when in the second turn I didn't get the right Saga dice results I suffered so heavily from one unit of levy who shot more times than I am happy about that I never really stood any chance of clawing the game back. I'm fairly sure Tracy didn't even put a single dice on either of her Hearthguard units all game.

saga joms vikings
 My third game was Joms Vikings vs Strathclyde Welsh. The game that we went into with everyone, helpfully, telling me was such a bad matchup that the Welsh had no chance of winning. Boy, did I prove them wrong. I followed advice and sat back for a couple of turns trying to build up wrath but my opponent (Richard) wasn't going to let that happen and never let me get any, so by the time we were in charge range I was going in without any wrath. Figuring you don't become the leader of one of the most feared Viking warbands in the world without being a little bit scary yourself I charged my Warlord forward to deal with a unit of levy that were trying to make my warriors into pin cushions, a good he did really well. Then I fell foul of a rule I had forgotten, a Warlord inside charge range of an enemy warlord must charge if he is doing a move, which scuppered my plan of doing a second move to get him back into his lines. From there it went downhill quickly really.

Saga welsh
My last game was Welsh vs Vikings. I've been beaten by the Welsh down at my club a few times now and know how horrible they are to face but it was only once you took control of the army that I realised just what they could do. With a big block of Hearthguard on one flank and mounted warriors on the other, taking it in turns to charge forward, throw javelins and retreat when charged, they are devastating. My opponent (another Mike) tried really hard to pin me down but didn't really stand much of a chance. My only victory of the day and my only Warlord to survive. 

     If one of these days comes round again I would strongly suggest that you try and make it down there. It was a really good day out, got some great games in and reinspired me to look at my Dark Ages forces and to make an effort to play some Saga again.

       But that isn't where this day ended. Figuring I had another 3-hour drive to get home* and that I knew Warhammer World had just been refurbished, I figured it would be churlish not to see if I could get there before it closed for the night.
*Which I was in no rush to get started on
Warhammer world

     Luckily for me they were running an event so were open until 8 that night, which gave me enough time to visit the museum and have a beer and bowl of chips in Bugman's bar. Even if you have no interest in GW or anything they stand for I will still recommend their museum, gone are the dusty shelves with figures that you don't care about, replaced with massive dioramas.

battle for Angelus Prime warhammer world
The biggest diorama in the museum, but there are another 5 or 6 that come really close to being a similar size.

     I'm not going to include more photos as the sheer size and detail put into these things doesn't come up at all on the images. They really have to be seen to be believed.*

*Also on a side note Warhammer world has 3 Pokestops and 2 Gyms,
 of which nearly all are in range of Bugman's bar . . 

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