Tuesday 26 February 2019

More boys in Blue

   As I said on the last post, this project is gathering steam is progress is going well. While, I didn't do even a quarter of the painting I had planned for the weekend (I found the best bottle shop I have ever been to and we spent a day recording the new episode of the Mournival Podacst) I still managed to get a bit chunk of infantry built, another unit of Union painted and a bit of scenery built.

   The building is from 4Ground and is nothing particurally special, but I wanted something man made that was interesting enough to break up a more natural board while being small enough to fit in the same storage solution as the infantry - in this case, it has magnets underneath and it breaks down, it so it can go in the same box file.
   I do have some furniture to go in it to make it look lived in. . . .

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Monday 25 February 2019

Just keep rolling south

   Only a quick post this time to show my second unit of ACW Union infantry. They have been painted exactly the same as my first unit, although I built them with slightly more of the non-regulation hats just to break up my building and painting.
   I have also spent the last couple of days getting the other two units of infantry built and sprayed, so the aim is to be posting every few days now, with another finished unit before I move onto the other side, so I can get playing with this in late March.

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Wednesday 20 February 2019

Saxon Slingers

   As I said on the last post, I haven’t done much painting since I finished the titans at the start of the month, but I had been trying to force myself to do bits and pieces*, most of which revolved around getting some Dark Ages projects finished. So while layers of washes were drying on my ACW project, I have been sneaking the odd half painted Saxon or Viking into the painting queue while the motivation is good.
   The result of this is that my unit of Saxon slingers that I started in late 2018 has now been finished and I have a few more interesting figures to add to my Norse-Gael army**. 

*Mostly unsuccessfully
**Still got a long way to go, though!

The finished unit in all it's glory?

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Monday 18 February 2019

The second new project of 2019. . .

   After nearly a month with very little painting going on, I have found myself in a flurry of hobbying. Why you ask? Because, I have started a new project. . .*
   The new project is American Civil War using the Rebels and Patriots rules from Osprey. As it is another Lion Rampant variant it allows an army to be bought, painted and get onto the table fairly quickly, which is definitely something that interests me in my hobby at the moment. The first side I am painting up are the Union forces.

   My first unit was (as ever) the test bed for my colour scheme and I am pretty pleased with the end result, although it has to be said the trousers are slightly lighter in real life. I'm going to go into more details on my plans when I have more figures finished.

*Yes, I know I said that I wasn’t going to start any 
new ones but in my defence, I am pretty weak.**
**Also, I blame Neil

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Wednesday 13 February 2019

The Mournival Podcast

   Last summer one of the guys I had become good mates with in the Warhammer 30k community messaged me to say he had left the podcast he was on and he was thinking of putting together a new one, also, would I like to be one of the hosts? Being a big fan of podcasts in general it seemed like a fun thing to give a try and my normal attitude of ‘give most things a try once’ came into effect, so before I knew it I had said yes.
   It has taken about 6 months to get to the point where we were happy enough with our equipment that we were willing to do a recording session but let me introduce Episode 0 of the Mournival Podcast.

   There is a fair bit of swearing - not by me I hasten to add! - and we have a few things that we need to fix from listening back to ourselves* but we are now live and the next recording session is planned.
   The name comes from the primarch Horus' 'think tank' of commanders. They aren't his highest ranking officers (although one of them is) but they are a mix of opinions which means he knows he will always get honest feedback - we have tried to emulate that by having a mix of play styles and hobby attitudes.
*My accent in particular is shocking

Thanks for reading (and potentially listening). If you have any feedback we are happy to hear it.