Friday 19 January 2024

Clan Wolf

    This is another post about a unit/army that I both did not need and have no real use for, but I've been enjoying painting Battletech mechs and enjoying reading about the Clans, so when I was looking online for something simple to sate that urge, I saw the Clan Invasion starter box and thought it fulfilled the need.

   I've painted them as Clan Wolf, just because they are the main clan that have appeared in the novels I've been reading. Plus it was a very different colour scheme from the stuff I've been doing.

   I believe the mechs here are (from left to right);

Adder, Timber Wolf, Nova, Executioner, Mongrel and a pair of bases of Elementals.

Battletech clan wolf

   I have two more mechs in my painting queue that I had 3d printed, but they aren't crutial models that need to be done. I've written myself up a list of what my priorities now are, so lets see if I can focus on that.

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Thursday 18 January 2024

Bigger Bugs Pt 18

   This model is the only surviving model* of a Tyranid army I tried to build in late 3rd/early 4th edition. As I knew I had to paint a horde, the colour scheme was black with grey carapaces, just the quickest thing I could mass paint, which meant I hated the look of the army after about 2 games.

*that I can find

   I decided to paint it a slightly lighter green than the rest of the force to make it look like it might be an older beast, kept alive for some reason.

I should now be finishing off the last of my Tyranids but I've been very much distracted . . .

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Sunday 14 January 2024

The Swarm Pt 13

   Starting the year as I spent most of the last one here is another batch of Termagaunts, this time the last of the ones from the Leviathan box including a free one from the GW model of the month.

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