Friday 8 March 2024

Bigger Bugs Pt 19

   Slowing right down on the painting front again, but I have finished this figure - a Tyranid Neurolictor. In what I can only assume is a blatant attempt at selling slightly less popular models, GW has been bringing out new White Dwarf only Combat Patrols, with Tyranids getting the second of these with a Vanguard force based around Lictor breeds. In this one it's a regular Lictor, a Neurolictor and 3 units of 3 Von Ryan Leapers (baby lictors).

   As it felt fluffy for what Combat Patrol is supposed to be and I was already close to achieving it, I gave in to the obvious sales tactic and bought the bits I was missing, the first of these being the Neurolictor.

   Painting wise I've done nothing overly interesting with it, just giving it my regular paint job, but I think it looks pretty good as it is.

I need to paint up the remaining 3 Von Ryan Leapers next time I get some spare time and then organise another game in our campaign, which has gone very quiet in recent months.

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Sunday 3 March 2024

Deathwatch Squad - Valient

   In a similar line to the Genestealer Cult side project, another thing I wanted to see on the board in the Fratribusia campaign are the Deathwatch. The 4th Tyrannic War with it's Solblade strike forces is the exact situation where the Deathwatch would thrive, and while their rules don't mean they are going to make a massive difference, they will in my head cannon.

   Last autumn I bought a single sprue of Primaris Intercessors are they feel like where the bulk of regular Deathwatch squads would start, but also bought some extra bits online, a pair of hellblasters and a Dark Angel upgrade pack for the sgt. The bulk of the painting was done last year, it was just the chapter specific pads that were half finished while I mulled over this important decision.

   Its only now that the new Space Marine codex that has come out and I've checked the squad that I've noticed the squad size has now changed - it's gone from 5 marines of which 2 can be Hellblasters, to 5 Intercessors plus 2 Hellblasters where you are also paying for another 3 guys too. Ah well.

   This squad is made up of marines from the following chapters; Dark Angels, Ossuary Brotherhood, Aurora Knights (all the chapters in the Fratribusia campaign), Tome Keepers (the chapter from White Dwarf that I just really like) and the Umbral Knights (a homebrew Dark Angels successor chapter that I am desperately trying not to start collecting).

   The fluff in my head is this particular squad is made from chapters working in the area of Fratribusia that the Inquisition has siphoned off for it's own cause.

This was supposed to be the whole of this project but as of typing this, it no longer is . . .

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