Sunday, 18 March 2018

Old and new

   A mix of bits in this post but it has been one of those sorts of weeks, so I am going to start on the model that at least ties into one of my projects. So first up is a Castallax Robot for my Sons of Horus / Mechanicum army and will either work as the bodyguard of the forgelord or the start of a unit in a full army. It is another case of a model I really liked the look of, so have shoe horned it into my project, rather than being a useful model as it is.

   Next is harder to explain, they are Snappers from Krakon Games and from a kickstarter they ran a while back. I'm not 100% sure what I plan to do with them* but they will probably be mixed into the scenery bases in sci-fi or fantasy games and used as the local fauna.
*or the other models I picked up. . .

   Last up is a Games Workshop Keeper of Secrets, Slaaneshi greater daemon. When I first started in the hobby 40k was the only game I played for a good few years and, while Eldar were my first army, the Chaos army that replaced them became the army that have seen more game time than anything else I have collected before or since and saw the most love in terms of conversion and painting. It even holds the title of the only army I have played with at Warhammer World.
   The bulk of the army is long gone, not having survived the wear and tear of being stored badly, tied in with multiple moves but the key characters have been kept for pure nostalgia and I have a vague plan of making a modern copy of the army. This greater daemon is the first such example and, as you can see from the second photo, I'm not worried about keeping the colour scheme or basing style the same as the army will be completely redone.

New vs Old

   I don't tend to do battle reports on this blog and I'm not breaking that habit now but I'm including some photos from my first game of 30k. It was 1500 points of my Sons of Horus and 1500 points of another guy's Iron Hands vs a 3000 point Space Wolves army owned by Keith from the Legion of Lies podcast fame*.
   I've only put a few photos up as I got carried away playing the game, but Keith's flyers were too nice not to share, although, my phone hasn't done them the justice they deserve**.
*So not 'historical'
** I really need a Xiphon fighter now

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Thursday, 8 March 2018

Later than planned

  As alluded to in passing last post, I lost my job at the start of last week. Because of this I put some quick posts up as I expected to be doing a post every other day, if not more often, but this hasn't happened as I thought it would - it turns out being unemployed is busier than I anticipated. However, that doesn't mean to say my paint brushes have been idle.
   I went into this year with loads of plans for finishing projects but having a 30k project as a side note, yet here I am 2 months in an it is still my main (if not only) focus. I have my first game lined up for next weekend and a ticket booked for a tournament in June (more guaranteed games), so this year looks pretty 30k dominated already.

   The models I have painted are not part of any list I have written but, again, are just models that I love the look of and hope will turn out to be useful.
   First are a squad of Mechanicus Thallax. One of my favourite books in the Heresy series is the Last Heretic, one of the things that really stuck with me were the members of Carthage Maniple, 4 robots and their controller attached to the Word Bearers, so intermingled that one of the robots is even an honourary Word Bearer and is called 'brother' by the marines. They are cybernetic robots having a human brain and spinal cortex hidden inside their machinery to do the thinking for them as the Imperium of Man doesn't trust the idea of AI, which gives them the grim dark element integral to Warhammer.
   At the moment these are going to be part of my Sons of Horus army - I can have a single unit with a Forgelord - but might in the future become the basis of an allied detachment or maybe an army in their own right. I kept the colour scheme simple and complimentary to my SoH so they don't stand out too much from the marines.

sons of horus mechanicum thallax colours

   Next up is a Sons of Horus Predator, two photos of the same tank rather than two tanks after a mess up with the casting of one of the side panels left me in a position where I had an extra turret and side sponsons - these now have magnets in them to allow me to swap easily.
   Both weapon combinations that the tank is sporting are about as sub par as I think you can go but the idea of a tank with nothing but flamers holds a certain appeal and a plasma tank is something I will rarely turn down the chance to use, so I see a bright future for this tank in my lists.

sons of horus predator excecutioner colour scheme

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Wednesday, 28 February 2018

For King and Country

   One of the things I wanted to get finished and on the table in 2018* was Sharp Practice 2, with my French force at a point where it is big enough to get a game in, I needed to get my British force to the same level. These two units of British Light Line and have on my painting tray for longer than I think any model has before** and lack of motivation meant that it looked like they would be sat in painting purgatory for a lot longer. However, with my current lack of a job I decided that this is the exact sort of project I should now be getting on with.
*Well 2017 but lets not split hairs
**I might have had to brush dust off them

   I have definitely mentioned before how much I hate painting Napoleonics and I suspect I made the same mistake I made with the first French unit I painted, i.e. painting 16 men at the same time just makes the situation worse, so the next lot will be painted in batches of 8 again to help mitigate this.

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Sunday, 25 February 2018

The Mighty Muffin Tops - Halfling Blood Bowl Team

   One of the rules I follow when building armies is that once you have filled up whatever you are going to transport that army in, the project is finished*. I personally carry nearly all my models in KR Multicase boxes, which are all lined up on a bookcase, making packing an army for a game a quick and simple process. So when I got into Blood Bowl at the end of 2016 and I bought a case for my team, I made sure the case would hold 3 teams worth of models - including a few support staff for each team. I already had an Amazon team from the first time I tried Blood Bowl and had picked the human team for this time round, so that left 1 space.
*Unless you buy a second box . . .
   The last team proved to be a tough decision but basically came down to either Lizardmen or Halflings in the end and the idea of having a Halfling team just made me laugh, so when GW had the Halflings on made to order for a week last year I jumped on the chance.

   The maximum number of players a team can have is 16, as I wasn't sure what I would want to do with this team I bought the maximum number of halflings and added two treemen to go over that number, but it means I can play whatever I want with the team. The 'Captain' in the front middle rank is the Warhammer World exclusive star player Crumbleberry but I am going to use him as a regular halfling.
   The colours were picked for two reasons; 1 they were different to both my other teams. 2 they match the North Melbourne Football Club that I have become an honourary supporter of, taking one of their caps round the world with me. Also, as the club are known as the 'Shinboners', it felt appropriate. . .
   Again, this was one of those projects that I was so close to being finished on, but one of those where I just couldn't motivate myself to paint the last 5 models. As they are now done, this is the second project I can say I have completed this year.

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Friday, 23 February 2018

Gangs of Rome - Making Progress

   With my Hungarian project now finished and my Sons of Horus nearly finished (although I suspect this is one of those projects that will never really be finished) I am looking at what other projects I can get finished quickly or what games I really want to get on the table that I just haven't managed so far, but I am trying not to lose sight of my Gangs of Rome project.
   I only have another 30 models to paint for this project, which doesn't sound like much but as it is another list of models without a uniform I don't want to rush it and end up with models I don't like once it is finished, so I want to take my time and paint a model every time I get inspired, rather than force a finished project. However, saying that I still want to see this project moving, and this is what I have achieved recently.
   First up is another base of mob, I kept to my rule of trying to paint as many of these as I could before I started on my gang members, knowing full well that once my gangers are painted the mob would fall by the wayside. These batch is a green batch, following my group painting rules and I plan to include at least a single gang fighter in each mob painting batch to help the project move along a bit more.

   Next up are my first two fighters, I have kept the colour schemes really simple on these two just to make sure I have some models finished and help with motivation. These two are (left to right); Faustinus and Metella - pre-named as per their cards. Faustinus has a white streak in his hair from an old head wound and Metella is a branded thief.

   While I was going through my gang members trying to get some inspiration on who to build/paint next and what I wanted them to look like, I had a proper look at one of the Dominus figures and felt that it would be a great quick model to paint, so he jumped the queue pretty spectacularly. Again, a simple colour scheme as I felt it looked right on him.

   Last up is a weirder one, some scenic bits from Foundry Miniatures. I tried to make them look like veined white marble (although I suspect I was a bit harsher on the veining) but I am pleased with them and think they will look good on a scenic board.

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Monday, 19 February 2018

Hungarians - remember this one?

   While in Budapest last September, I got a hit of the inspiration bug and found myself planning out a Hungarian WW2 army which I decided would be ready for the new year and finely honed by the time of the Cam'bridge Too Far Bolt Action tournament came around in early March. As my first unit wasn't painted until December, it was always going to be a long shot whether it was going to get done in time.
   Then last week a post went up on Facebook reminding that lists needed to be in by Saturday the 24th February and the realisation of how soon it was all becoming hit me hard. Thankfully, I had actually done more painting than I had posted about (not sure how a big chunk of the army missed my blog) which gave me a good chance but I would still like to have a game under my belt with this army before I handed the list over to the tournament organisers.

   The finished army (minus the medic on the right who I painted because I had him), as you can see, I am relying on the army being able to annoy an enemy into defeat rather than having any single hard unit.

   The units painted up at some point over the Christmas period (unsure when) that missed the blog first time round. Three more squads, officer + mate and medic, it was this big chunk of models having been finished early that had given me the chance of getting this army done in time to get a game in.

   The last of the infantry that needed finishing, a mortar team + spotter, MMG team and AT rifle team. The only reason they hadn't been done at the same time as the rest was I hate building mortars (beyond fiddly) and I needed a doner AT Rifle (plastic Soviet set) to convert my own one up (using a LMG gunner as a base).

   The compulsory vehicles, because who doesn't want tanks in a WW2 army? In this case it is a 40M Turan Hungarian tank, Hungarian Truck and a German Panzer 38T, sent to reinforce the Hungarians. I spent ages online trying to work out the best camo for the Hungarians and settled on something that looks right for the summer of 43, which also matches the units I have picked for my list. I purposely painted the Panzer in a different scheme (eastern front, 43 as well) and used a different green, just to make sure there is no mistaking that it is from a different army. Neither of the tanks are that hard but I have found reliably pinning the opponents tanks every turn is better than aiming for the one shot kill as when it fails it leaves you with a really bad game and that is what these two are designed to do.

I'm going to start a finished project tally for this year, so this is number 1.
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Thursday, 15 February 2018

Sons of Horus - Armour

   My hobby plan at this point was to put my remaining Sons of Horus aside for a week or so and aim to get further with my Gangs of Rome project, so my first fighters were built and sprayed, another couple of bases of mob also underwent the same process and then a realisation hit me, just how close I was to boxing off everything I currently own for my SoH, so they duely jumped the queue.
   Over the weekend I joined a 30k Essex group on facebook and organised, not only, my first game/s but also a ticket to a tournament in June. My thinking behind this is that I have now got 3-5 games planned out for this army, even if the guy I am building it to play against doesn't get around to doing his force.

   The army list I initially wrote has been modified and changed so much in the last month, or so, that it is nearly unrecognisable but it is still the list I am aiming for, with everything else just being options and extra for bigger games. This post is the last few models I needed to finish that list.

   My first squad of Sons of Horus Terminators with a HQ choice attached. As mentioned before Horus made sure that the Sons of Horus were never lacking when it came to equipment, both in terms of quality and quantity, and terminator armour was high on that list being one of the first legions to get access to the armour and having some of the highest numbers of the armour by the point of the heresy, so I knew I needed at least one squad*.
   I kept my armour purposely plain compared to the colours most people choose, my army is supposed to be the 84th company, so far down the order of battle that I doubt they had a huge amount of boast of as they would be unlikely to be involved in the same compliance fleet as the Wastermaster himself. When I eventually add Horus to my army it will be with at least a couple of squads of Justaerin terminator bodyguards (the elite of the elite) so I want the difference to be so obvious that it cannot be missed.
*Although I will probably
get more 

   The vindicator was the result of another realisation when I noticed just how light on Anti Tank was list was becoming. I want to add some big tanks in the future but in the mean time I decided I needed the bread and butter of legion infantry support tanks and it had to either be one of these or a predator and the vindicator was just too pretty not to have.

   The Sicaran tank is another of those units that just scream 30K and is, in my opinion, one of the best looking tanks in the warhammer universe. My initial plan was to get the Venator variant but upon speaking to the guy who I am planning to use this army against the most we realised our unit selection was actually pretty similar, so I swapped out a Venator for the basic version and left the Vindicator (above) to do the same job.

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