Monday, 17 July 2017

Tusken Raiders

"The Sand People are easily startled, but they will soon be back, and in greater numbers."
- Obi-Wan Kenobi

   So yet again I have failed to keep on target on something that isn't my target. The Sand People are, again, from the second box set, while the Bantha is from wave 4 but they had been sitting on the side of my desk* for a while, waiting their turn and it just made sense to paint them as it kept the Imperial Assault progress going even if it wasn't something I should have been doing.

*Although I am not sure why!

   Looking at photos online of both the real props and costumes, and how others have painted their figures, the overwhelming theme was a limited beige pallet with a few browns on the details. So that is what I did, picking out some bits in different creams and beiges just so it didn't look like it was a quick drybrush and finish job.

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Thursday, 13 July 2017

Bommerz over da Sulphur River

   Again, I am deviating horribly from my intended painting tasks, but as this is a completely stand alone project this was as good a time as any to get it painted and get a game in.
    Bommerz over da Sulphur River (I can't begin to tell you how unhappy my spellchecker is about that name) is a board game from Games Workshop that I stumbled on by accident while on eBay and knew I needed it in my life*. I figured it was something so different from anything else I had that it had to be worth a try.
* Board games don't count!

bommerz over da sulphur river

   It was brand new and un-punched when it turned up, so the idea of actually putting it together felt wrong. However, I bought this game to play and that was what I was going to do.

bommerz over da sulphur river contents

epic 40k ork fighta-bommerz

   I kept the colour schemes for all 6 planes pretty simple, the orks in a variety of colours*, while making sure the planes were an uniformed mix of colours. The Thunderbolts were given the same scheme as my 28mm Thunderbolt.

* My fledgling Ork army is
mostly yellow, so I gave two
of the planes that colour.
epic 40k thunderbolts

   I have now played a quick run through and it really isn't a bad game. It is very simple, with the full rules being on three sides of A4 which is definitely the direction that I am starting to look for game rules.

   With the game including a running series of dog fights (which the Thunderbolt eventually lost), an epic bombing run attempt on the first of two dams by three of the four fighta-bomberz and flak guns firing into the sky, it does scratch the itch feeling like the sci-fi version of the dam-busters that it is. The Orks did lose the game in the end as it turns out a 3D6 flak gun on a dam that already has a 1D6 flak gun on, make light work of the Ork planes.

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Monday, 10 July 2017

Forest skirmish

   It turns out I can't even stay focused on something that wasn't my main focus. Deviating away from the British Napoleonics into completing the first wave of Imperial Assault and then I paint a character from the second box set and a figure pack from the 8th wave, instead, but I have an excuse, I had an idea on the character's colour scheme and I wanted to him done while I was both motivated and inspired.

   As I have said before, my aim with the camo scheme is to try and create a group of rebels that look like a unified assault group for those missions that a bit more take and control than the campaign games in the box set. My theory is, in games of skirmish the imperials will mostly be stormtroopers so their rebel opponents should have a theme running through their kit even if it isn't a uniform (thinking battle of Endor or the end scenes from Rogue One).
   I just couldn't get the lighting right in the photo below but the force is coming together. I think another unit of rangers and it will be done, although I want to try a game out before then to see how the skirmish side of the rules plays out.

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Friday, 7 July 2017

Nexu attack

   There are 40 Napoleonic British red coats sitting on my painting desk, but after the heat of last week my painting mojo died and my painting board spent nearly a week languishing in my man cave untouched. In an effort to get me painting again I have gone back to small projects that I can get quick results out of and chief amoungst these is still Imperial Assault.
   Carrying on with my aim of having the whole first wave painted as soon as possible the Nexu found their way into my immediate to do pile. I hadn't painted these as looking online there are so many colour schemes all based on either pure imagination or on the various types of nexu in the Star Wars fluff. I found one scheme (that I think was based on the nexu in the second film) and it set me straight to painting.

imperial assault nexu

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Thursday, 29 June 2017

95th rifles

   While the general rule, when it comes to pretty much anything in life, is to save the bits that you really want to paint until last as a treat for getting through the bulk (see the IA Royal Guard), the post conspired against me and these arrived before my basic infantry.
   Here  my first unit of British infantry for Sharp Practice, the 95th rifles, plus officer* and sgt**. As I mentioned before, if you are painting a small model count Peninsular war British force there are a couple of wargaming laws that you have to abide by; 1. There has to 95th rifles. 2. The red coats have to have yellow facings. Who am I to start disobeying the law?
*Obviously not Sharpe as his sword is wrong 
and he is actually in the full correct uniform.
**Obviously not Harper, either, as the gun is wrong
and he isn't big enough.

   The one big this I have done on this unit is something I really should have done for my French too, make the troops look like they might actually be on campaign, so in the 6 rifles I have two with patches on their knees and 2 in the completely wrong coloured trousers and this will carry on through the rest of my redcoats.

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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Grenadiers showing them how it is done

   Carrying on from the last post and maintaining my Coherent and Focused new mindset are two units of French Grenadiers. I hadn't planned to use any of these in my first few games, planning instead to see what the basic troops were like and building up to some elites but as the British list had to include a unit of rifles (I think this is basically wargaming law) I needed a way to bulk up points without giving me too much more to paint.
   Keeping it simple, these are the plastic Warlord Games French infantry with the elite unit backpacks* and painted in Grenadier company colours to set them apart from my orange (3rd) company basic line.
* They have swords

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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Engineering a solution

   As I mentioned on the last post and after a spate of painting space ships and Star Wars figures I have decided to return to something a bit more traditional. Again, in another of those quiet periods where you get a chance to do some proper thinking I decided that much as my normal opponent has been making some noises about painting up a British Peninsular war force to give Sharp Practice 2 a try, I doubt that it will ever actually come to fruition, so a couple of quick orders and I have a British army in the post, this however, means I need to get my French finished.
   An hour or so sitting in the sun clipping sprues, filing metal models and sticking the results together and I had the last things I needed for my planned first game's list, plus the normal extra bits that had annoyed me enough that they got included. The first results from this particular drive are below;

First are the last unit of basic line that I plan to do in the immediate future. I got this weird idea in my head a while back that I needed to make my basic infantry seem a bit more varied, so I picked up a single sprue of great coats from Warlord games, stuck my usual heads and backpacks to keep the uniforms as correct as possible, and painted as normal. I plan to mix this into my units rather than have a single block of them.

Two French infantry sgts from Front Rank Miniatures to remedy my lack of leader 1 status figures.

french peninsular war engineers sappers Napoleonic
While not in my list, I had to get a unit of engineers painted up while I was still motivated. When Sharp Practice 2 was first announced and the hype online started I got excited and ordered a few bits that I figured were 'dead-certs' to either be in the list, or look cool enough that I would just be able to use them, chief amoungst these was the engineer's wagon. I only found out while I was painting it that I needed a unit of engineers to go with it, so here they are, a mix of Warlord Games and Front Rank Miniatures to get the unit to the required size.

Now I need to get back to painting French.
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