Monday, 6 April 2020

Muster for the King!

   As I suggested in the last post, I spent March churning figures out at a considerable rate (not going out will do that to you) but I have been pretty bad at taking the photos and doing posts, which is something I plan to get better at now I'm getting a bit more of a routine going.
   This post is the rest of the minimum troops I need to get 24 points of Royalist English Civil War infantry onto the table (with the last points taken up by more cavalry), in this case another unit of musketeers and a block of pikemen. As in the other units, the figures are all Warlord Games plastics although I have bought a pack of their metal command figures who will be spread across multiple units going forwards.

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Friday, 27 March 2020

Royal Musketeers

   Another new game I am keen to get on the table sooner rather than later this year is Pikeman's Lament. I've got my minimum Parliamentarian army ready to go but I need an opposition for them.
   I picked Sir Allen Apsley’s Regiment of Foote simply because I wanted a unit in red jackets and I thought the banner was cool, so a nice historical reason I am sure you will agree. This is another of those projects where I am a bit further along than this single post will suggest, so hopefully, it will hit the table before long,

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Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Armoured Diversion

   This post is another of those projects I'm going to struggle to explain, so I'm mostly not going to bother. Suffice to say, I always fancied at Soviet KV2 and I found myself with cash in my pocket and the chance to buy one.
   There is just something strangely pretty about the blocky tank that I can't explain. It was painted up in an evening using the same method I used for my other Soviet tanks and was a really nice pallet refresher after so many infantry projects.

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Saturday, 21 March 2020

Darken the Skies

   I know I said last post that you won't hear from my Late 100 Years War projects for a while, as I have other projects that are higher priority at the moment but I forgot I had another post to do for a finished unit. This time it is an English unit. In the week that I made it clear I was going to put a game on, I noticed that my French army had leap frogged my English in points, and figuring more units is better than less, I made a point of trying to level the points before the game.
    What I decided to do was a unit of archers, this would be fairly quick to do but also be much fluffier than more combat units, with the aim of getting the archer to men at arms balance closer to the real Agincourt fight.

I've still got a lot more to paint for this project, but in the short term, this is enough for now.

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Thursday, 19 March 2020

The Muster Continues

   I've been churning out figures at a serious rate of knots in the last couple of months with a few big projects or whole new games being on the verge of hitting the table. One big project that has now made it to the table is my Late 100 Years War project. I finished the minimum I needed for my English in late January and it took until early March to be at the same point with my French, but here they are;

Two units of French Yeomen

The first unit of French Crossbows

Foot Knights - Men at Arms in the rules

  I made sure I gave a week's notice to the guys at SEEMS to see if there was any interest in a game, wrote out my unit cards and then turned up with a ready to play game. Looking at the units on offer, Neil suggested that we refight Agincourt, so we set up a defensive English army and the French army with Crossbows and Mounted Knights at the front and then let the dice see where the game took us.

   Interestingly, the game turned out to be a fairly honest recreation of the real fight. The French refused to move for the first turn which persuaded the English to make the first move, taking their line further down the field. Then the French knights failed enough movements within range of the archers, that they weren't in great shape when they eventually hit the English lines. The game ended with an English victory (any very few casualties for them) as the French army kept being whittled down in waves by the archers.

   I've got other projects calling for attention, so my 100 years war will start to take a backseat for a bit but there is a lot more stuff to paint for it, so this isn't the last you will see from it.

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Monday, 16 March 2020

Another Tight Deadline

   As I said before my last tournament I hate forcing myself to paint to a definitive deadline. It's one thing agreeing that I'll try to get X done before our game on Wednesday, but completely different to promise that I have to get X done before a tournament.
   So why did I do it again, and why am I potentially going to do it a 3rd time this weekend?

   I said on the Mournival Podcast that I aimed to make 2020 the year I pushed my Ultramarines at events, with my Sons of Horus retiring for a while, but that was easier said than done when I only had 2000 points painted up and the average tournament is 2500-3000 points. So for Attrition Gaming's next event (The Conquest of El'Kan) I had to get my three Contemptor Dreadnoughts finished and this is definitely the point to point out that while I really enjoy using dreadnoughts, I really don't enjoy painting them, but I was pleased with the results.


And as is normal now, a bit of a photo dump from the event itself - suffice to say, when you see the photos, none of the games ended well;

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Tuesday, 25 February 2020

Essex Regiment of Foote

   As is usually the case, I'm being pulled in multiple hobby directions in one go* and the English Civil War is another of those projects. The three units on this post were mentioned on my first Cavanuary post and were in fact painted at the end of last year but hadn't managed to get themselves onto this log.
   The figures are from Warlord games (and are the contents of a single plastic box which I'm really impressed by) and are painted in something I hope looks like the Essex Regiment of Foote. I've tried to keep the orange jackets a bit dulled down so they don't distract, while the trousers aren't a uniform colour - although they are a limited palette of colours.
   The biggest problem I had with these units was working out how to store the pikemen - box files are way way too short - but A4 sized Really Useful Boxes came to the rescue!

*Nearly entirely self inflicted

  I'm being distracted by other projects** but I'd really like to get a basic game of ECW using Pikeman's Lament in early this year.

**Or is this the distraction from other projects?

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