Monday 2 November 2015

Lion Rampant Re-enforcements

     I haven't got a huge amount to show at the moment; we are in the process of completely re-doing the central heating * and having the house partially rewired at the same time, so my man-cave has been boxed up and packed away. There is always the chance I will get some bits of painting done but ultimately it's going to be a good 3 weeks before I start anything hugely solid.

     In the mean time; to go with the bombard I painted up a few weeks back, here is a unit of hand gunners and a 3rd unit of foot sergeants. I am trying to round this force out to a double army size of 48 points while still giving it a bit of choice in terms of troops which means maxing out the most useful troop types and picking up a few more oddities around the edges.

* so that we have some

lion's rampant foot sejeants sergeants

 The foot sergeants are Perry miniatures. I love the fireforge plastic spearmen but I wanted something a little bit different for my third unit and these guys were perfect.

lion's rampant hand gunners handgunners
These guys are from Crusader miniatures and once I had played a game where my opponent had a unit, I knew I had to join in too. There is no way these will see regular gaming as their rules are just too harsh but I am really looking forward to using them.

Thanks for reading