Saturday 19 December 2015

Gaming mats

     It's been another couple of weeks with very little hobby to put to my name, a mix of extra hours at work and spending time trying to bond a newly adopted rabbit to our current pair, but that doesn't mean I haven't got anything done.

     A couple of months back I backed a gaming mat kickstarter from a company called Ceri Designs. The guy behind it wanted to make great quality, versatile, but most importantly, affordable, cloth mats and as I have been on the verge of buying some mats for a while, I took the plunge, backing it for 2 of the 3x3 mats. First things first, this is the first kickstarter that I have backed that has delivered on time, that definitely deserves a mention, secondly, much as he has taken a bit of slack for the designs being fairly modular (you'll see that on my second mat) it's not something that I am overly worried about, the actual printing quality is really good and if his claims are anything to go by these things are wash proof and game proof, I'm not sure you can go too far wrong. These are definitely some of the better quality mats I have ever seen, so I am looking forward to seeing them in bigger sizes next.

     The first mat I picked was a modern urban one, I have a slowly growing collection of urban buildings that I am building and painting/spraying as and when I get enough time, my lead mountain now includes a secondary mdf peak. The mat itself is a simple crossroads, which is the basic layout I generally prefer, you can make sure both sides have a fair game, but can block off roads to get rid of lanes of fire if you want.

ceri designs urban batman gaming matt

batman wargame knight models board

sarissa precision tt combat batman board wargames

tt combat court pokecentre wargames batman

       The second mat I got was the basic flagstones mat that every gaming mat company has to have on their books. I picked the most basic one in the range, simply because I felt I could get more use out of a basic one used well than shoehorn a more specific mat into other uses. I can definitely see this being used for small games of VBCW, Frostgrave, Open Combat and maybe even Lion's/Dragon's Rampant.

ceri designs flagstone wargaming mat

ceri designs flagstone wargames mat

medieval fantasy town wargames scenery boardwargames statue

wargames scenery rooftops town open combat

open combat scenery terrain wargames board

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Sunday 6 December 2015

Scuba diver zombie hunters

       First up, I'm not dead! Although I have been so busy at work that I feel like I might be and, sadly, this means I haven't achieved much with my paint brush recently.

      So back to this post's subject; my version of zombie hunters. I love the idea of a rag-tag band of survivors but I also wanted to do something a bit different and it was while I having a look at the Crooked Dice 7TV dice starter back near the start of November, that I spotted the pack of scuba divers.

crooked dice scuba divers 28mm

oil rig wargame scenario game 28mm

      I have the vague idea of a scenario where an oil rig has gone quiet so a small team is sent in to see what is going on and get one hell of a surprise, although it needs more time spent being thought through.

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