Saturday 30 January 2021

Same Army, Different Scale

   As you can probably imagine, painting time is at an all time low at the moment and with no real end in sight for this lockdown, my painting motivation isn't that high either. This time last year I was trying to work through my cavalry backlog which is always the bit of the army that I enjoy painting the least*, however, this year my plan is just to paint what I can, when I can. So, expect to see a lot of jumping about.

*if anything that backlog has gotten a lot worse

   When Warlord Games announced they were doing ACW in plastic on a smaller scale, I got a bit excited. When I saw the first sprue was coming free on the front of Wargames Illustrated it got me thinking. Then when I realised that the sprue was the equivalent of the first army I painted for Rebels & Patriots, the ideas started flowing.

   I've been looking at dabbling in smaller scales for a while now but haven't really committed to any single project hard enough that I could play a game of it tomorrow, but as we are in lockdown at the moment and I suspect we'll have a repeat of last late spring/early summer where the gaming centres weren't open but we could gradually mix in each other's homes, I have been looking at smaller scales even harder as my best gaming table at home is at best a 3 foot by 4 foot board and while gang sized games are fun and I plan to play a few, it would be good to play an army sized game early on.

   I've got a few plans for this new Warlord stuff - short term I'd like to basically downside Rebels and Patriots for my smaller table, long term I'd like to see how big a game can be played with this stuff, but that's a story for another day.** 

**I'm going to keep half an eye open for cheap extras of this sprue.

   For now, I've only managed to get the Union done, using the same recipe as my 28mm army except I've gone for a slightly lighter brown on the guns as I figured the guns and skin are the two focal points that stop them being blocks of blue. My painting on them doesn't stand up to close inspection, but as they are blocks of 20 men at 15mm (ish) they aren't really expected to be looked too closely. Flags are from Wargames Designs - thanks to the suggestion on twitter from Mike Hobbs - and are from their 10mm range rather than 15mm.

Warlord Games Epic ACW Sprue Painted

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