Monday 24 November 2014

More on the scenery front

      On a wargaming front, I had two major plans for this year;

1, Get as many games in as possible. I had been too long without getting my gaming fix in and I wanted this year to be the year I really scratched that itch, so I could just settle down and play games when ever I was able afterwards.
2, Sort out my dire scenery collection. My collection comprised of a few random bits and pieces that didn't really come together to form a full table of anything.

      The first one has been going pretty well so far, I smashed my aim of 52 games back in August I think, but the second aim was being slightly more elusive. I had a vague plan that the scenery guy that I bought the walled field I use to take photos on would be the main supplier of my new scenery collection, but as I managed to miss all three shows that I normally see him at this year, and I gather he doesn't have a website, that plan hasn't worked out. So, plan B; pick up scenery from other sources on my travels, which is something I would have done anyway to supplement.

      On Saturday I was at the NEC in Birmingham for the National Railway Show with my dad and on my wander round I found a few different guys selling their own stunning looking trees (if you see their willow trees you will understand just how nice this things can be) and I had an idea. To supplement the weird mix of trees that I am slowly buying (First set of trees & Second lot of trees) I decided to buy myself one of their silver birches, as, for a small outlay, this tree should really stand out in a dense forest, and set of their flexi hedges. 

       So my collection now has about 3 and a half foot of hedges and another tree in it, and all I have had to do is base them up in the usual way and I added a set of stiles from the warbases' range to add a bit of interest.

     Next time I see this particular tree making company I will have to pick up another couple of silver birches, a willow and another few foot of hedges, as these things seem to do the job quite nicely. I need to organise some time to get a photo of my whole forest now really.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Lovely additions Mike, the tree is really lovely and I need to get some of those hedges for myself.

  2. Nice little collection started there dude!

  3. Ooh, now there's an idea ... a railway show! The last wargames show I went to was at the Shildon train museum and they had their own gift shop selling Hornby and Bachmann scenery.
    I'll have to check out some model railway events.

    1. Thanks Roy, railway shows are amazing for a different selection of stuff.