Wednesday 21 October 2015

Beyond dead man's hand

     What a weekend, two days spent in the man-cave with good music, a desk full of models, lots of coffee and a cheeky little game of Frostgrave. The last point first; I did take some photos but I got way too into the game to remember to take enough, but it is a game that I will definitely play more often, just working on a big enough group to play with.

      Next, what I was actually painting;

     This proof I have been watching too many Westerns. It started as a 4ground wagon, the horses came from Colonel Bill's, I think, while the driver was from Dixon Miniatures and then I got really carried away and put a Artizan Miniatures gatling gun in the back to give it a real kick.

     The horsemen are all from Dixon Miniatures, after it was noted that my collection had nothing in the way of horses or mounted cowboys, which is kind of what they are famous for. . .

     The civilians are also from Dixon Miniatures and will be added to the few I already have. I'm a little bit gutted about the fact I have two of the little girl, one was supposed to be a running boy.

    More gun hands, again mostly from Dixon Miniatures but there are a few Artizan Miniatures and Great Escape Games mixed in. I noticed my collection was very low on rifles and as they can be really integral to dead man's hand at times I figured it was time to sort that out. I am particularly pleased with he guy with one arm, although I can't help but think the guy at the front with two guns will be more useful.

     Also painted up at the same time but I didn't take separate pictures of are the un-mounted horses and the sleeping cowboy, although they are in the background of a lot of the shots.

Lastly, does this guy count towards my Zomtober numbers?

Thanks for reading


  1. Beyond DMH ... I haven't even played one game of it yet! :))

    1. It's a good little game. Really only needs 14 figures for the biggest game (and that is both sides worth).

  2. Wow, what a weekend! Great work Mike and the undead cowboy definitely counts in my book.