Monday, 14 January 2019

Titanicus - Starting Small

   Adeptus Titanicus was one of those games that loomed on the horizon and no amount of steel-y will or good intentions was ever going to stop it ending up in my collection, but I gave holding out a really good try.
   The main problems with my will power when it came to this game were three-fold:
  1. I already have a 28mm Warhound* that I would love to see alongside the rest of it's maniple, without needing to remortgage.
  2. It's a game set in the Horus Heresy
  3. Big stampy robots**
*Called Tracy
**I know they aren't actually robots but the point stands

warhound titan legio hasta ravan guard ravenguard 30k horus heresy
The 28mm version, Tracy, herself.

   I decided to stick to the Legio names and colours that my background fluff has always been about - a homebrew legio called Legio Hasta, from the forgeworld of Hervictus (same as my 40k Imperial Guard). Hasta means something like spear in Old Norse and it very much encapsulates my titan legio's principles of war, focus on lighter engines (although they will have the bigger stuff in the future) and hit hard and fast to break the line - more fluff in the future.

Adeptus Titanicus legio hasta venator maniple
The start of my maniple.

Gloria and (mini) Tracy


   Last Tuesday my mate and me decided to give the rules a try down at Wayland Games, we weren't doing anything clever, simply using the same base engines, some scenery and bashing our way through the rules. As far as games go, neither of us showered ourselves in anything like tactical brilliance, but it was interesting to see what titans could do and what would work in the future***.

***Plus what extra bits we didn't have enough of in the base set

adeptus titanicus wayland games hockley warhound reavers legio hasta

warcradle adeptus titanicus scenery mdf 8mm wayland games

 It was about this point it started to go wrong for my Reaver . . .

   The end result of the game is we are very aware of how useful warhounds are (they are unlikely to kill your bigger toys but do not underestimate what they can do as part of a maniple. Also, it has to be said, that Games Workshop have made a brilliant set of rules with this game, you really do feel like the titan's alarms are screaming as you redirect power and try to get shields or weapons back online.

Thanks for reading