Monday 26 December 2022

Eldar/Aeldari Dark Reapers - Crimson Scythe Shrine

  In my continued effort to build an Eldar army* with every aspect shrine represented, I ordered a box of the new plastic Dark Reapers the moment they went on preorder, built them, sprayed them, then let them mature nicely on the shelf for a bit.

*I'm not sure why I'm painted 40k either

   I've painted them in the classic colour scheme, following the GW painting tutorial online - except I've dry brushed when they have edge highlighted as life is just too short. I also decided to break my rule on the Craftworld colour scheme on the loin cloths, leaving it off on these models, figuring that the Reaper doesn't have an allegiance.

The heads are a bit shiny and needed a matt varnish before I took these photos.

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