Saturday 2 September 2023

The Hive Mind Changes Tactics

   The 4 player campaign continued in late August with a few more games held in quick succession again. One game with Sisters and Dark Angels, one with the Imperial Guard and a small game against the final player in the group with his Space Marines.

+++ Message to the Governor General +++

My Lord.

The astropaths are restless. The shadow is here. The Hive Mind is angry.

The Hive Mind has changed tactics.


Thought for the day: It is through the Destruction of our Enemies, that we Earn our Salvation


+++ Message Ends +++

   With heavy defeats piling up it was at this point in the conflict that the Tyranids changed tactics and attacked the Mechanicus industrial area that had been left effectively undefended by the Imperial generals in their deep attacks into the jungle territory, luckily for the servants of the God-Emperor, the Solblade of the Ossuary Brotherhood arrived in orbit just in time to blunt the main tendril of this strike.

   While the successes of Operation Thunderstorm cannot be denied, the invasion of Fratribusia continues at an alarming rate.
   Important lines have been held and vital objectives have been taken by the Imperium but casualties are mounting fast and the Solblades can't be everywhere, while the relentless alien swarm keeps on advancing.

   A disturbing development in the war is the recent attack on the Mechanicus enclave brutally stopped by the timely intervention of the Ossuary Brotherhood chapter of the Adeptus Astartes. While all of the aliens were wiped out, it is unknown what they were their aims were and if they succeeded.

   The future of Fratribusia continues to balance on a knife edge.

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