Friday 9 February 2024

A Polish Of Dreadnoughts?

*yeah, the names are getting worse

   This post is about the last two dreadnoughts for this project, namely a second Leviathan and 6th Contemptor, plus a few spare options while I'm doing this**.

**yeah, I got carried away

  So it's harder to explain why I bought these last two dreadnoughts as they were over my hobby budget for this year and they are harder to justify, but I have a game lined up for the full 2.5k list with another mate in March (I think) and the thought in my head was a pair of games using my dreadnought list justified me doing the army more. I think mostly it's just been a really enjoyable project.

   The Leviathan has a name - Igninotam - a bastardised Latin word for fire brand. I dropped a couple of letters to make it flow better as a name and not be a direct translation. My head story for this guy is he was an aspirant to the legion that probably would have failed his induction in normal times, but with the heresy in full flow, his lack of discipline and foul temper were less of a liability in a Inductii (a rushed through marine who the legions didn't always see as full battle brothers and could be thrown away with a bit less guilt) then when he was seriously injured in an assault and would have been too crippled for front line duties again, he was installed into an assault Leviathan shell so as a line breaker - the red stripe on the knee pad showing that this dreadnought might not be entirely in control of himself and the red helmet showing he's been censured for something in the past.

   The Contemptor is on my hobby spreadsheet as Lascannon Contemptor - which if you are aware of guns isn't what it is armed with in the photo. My last 500 points has undergone a couple of changes and as it was the Leviathan that got dibs on points, the Contemptor had to make do with left over space. While I prefer to run Contemptors with double weaponry, this one didn't have the points for such a build and I thought it might be useful to be the all rounder on the board that could plug a gap - being magnetised means I can always change it at a later date anyway.

   I've also been going over my older Ultramarine dreadnoughts to bring them up to this style of painting - not necessarily better painted but more in the same style. As it won't look like much from the front and I didn't do photos of the backs when I posted them years ago, I won't be putting photos of them up here***, but it does make the force look more cohesive.

***except for this one that I added a simple tilt shield to

I probably need to get painting something historical next

Thanks for reading

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