Saturday 15 June 2024

The Grand Plan

   With all the recent games of 40k using my Genestealer Cult, I've found myself being weak and buying a model I have absolutely no use for but that I've wanted since the day it was revealed, the Nexos. This one of those weird models where I don't think it really has a place in a regular games - why have your grand strategist bumbling about with all his stolen Imperial equipment in what is effectively a platoon sized engagement? However, the model is just amazing and the fact a designer needed a hologram map on it and just did the map of Warhammer World is just the cherry on top*.
*I've almost bought this model in the past to convert into my Imperial guard

   With the new codex being released in a week or so, I'll have a look at his rules, but honestly, this is a model I've almost definitely collected rather than will see table time - but I have no regrets this time.

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