Monday, 8 September 2014

Adepta Sororitas

           My sisters of battle army has been one of those projects that in my head was a stunning good idea, I love their fluff, I love the way they work, I even liked the models, but put into practise they are a horrible army to collect. They are stupidly expensive to buy, fairly mono pose once you get past your first squad and a half, and it is neigh on impossible to get some of the weapon options, then painting them turned out to be a chore rather than a pleasure. On the other hand, now they are done I am looking forward to getting a game in with them.

sisters of battle symbol

         So before I show the finished project I thought I would complete the run down of newly finished squads, first of which are some more sisters of battle. This is my second troop choice and my commander, meaning I now have a legal army.

Sisters of battle troop squad red white

sisters of battle abbess colour red white hq

     So with my minimum army (plus tanks) painted, all that was left of my planned project was a small squad of Celestians, and here they are. Painted in the same colour scheme as my basic troops but given a little extra bit of gold ornamentation  just to make them appear different on the battle field. While the sister superior has been given an abbess backpack to make her appear a lot more important than a normal superior as well.

sisters of battle celestians white red colour scheme

sisters of battle army force 750 points

Thanks for reading.

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