Sunday, 21 September 2014

VBCW board

      I had a spare half hour or so in between doing projects and I thought I would use it to get my VBCW scenery out, to have a look at it all together and see if there is anything I really need to add to the look.
      I'm not sure this collection of buildings is even big enough to call a village but the BUF are here recruiting in their van.

vbcw scenery conflix

      The bulk of the buildings are from the conflix range, a range I definitely plan to invest in more of in the future.

vbcw scenery conflix

vbcw scenery conflix

mordheim ruined scenery vbcw
       The little, ruined stone building is my newest toy, a cheap model bought on ebay that, while it turned up completely broken, will be a valuable addition to my collection. A two story, open topped building will always be useful in any game, although I am particularly looking forward to using it in a mordheim game one day.

     I think I need to get my hands on some hedges and walls to really make it look like a village, but as a starting point I am really pleased with the stuff I have so far.

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