Tuesday 14 October 2014

The goblin horde

     I think this post needs to start with an apology to Michael Awdry for putting you to shame with the speed I am getting my painting done at the moment. I can only say it won't last and its only because of quick, easy colour schemes.
     Carrying on from that though, here is the last few bases I needed for the standard sized Hordes of the Things army. Another 3 bases of basic spearmen, my hero and a behemoth, simply because it's a fantasy army and I can.

hordes of the things fantasy army

goblin hero standard warhammer night

warhammer goblin ork troll

      So, this is what it all looks like ranked up, not bad for a quick bit of painting after work, in front of the tv. It really does show what a limited palette colour scheme can achieve. I just can't wait to get them onto the table top now for a game.

hordes of the things fantasy army

Thanks for reading


  1. I'm still in awe! Great job Mike.

  2. Nicely done Mike. Nightgoblins just look fantastic!

  3. What a beautiful, and impressive, army...excellent job!

    1. Thanks Phil. Not bad for a quick after work paint job.