Saturday, 6 December 2014

Infantry advance

     The models into this post aren't newly painted, so I won't represent them as such, but they are newly based, as when I painted them earlier in the year I wasn't sure how I wanted their bases to look. My current German spurt of interest spurred me to get everything ready to play with, and not just the tanks which have been taking all my time up recently.
     So far, ignoring my tanks, I have 2 squads of infantry, a panzerfaust team, a medic and an armoured car finished. All I am missing is an office of some sort and that will be a minimum platoon plus a few extra toys to play with.
ww2 germans bolt action

     The Germans advance through an, oddly British looking, village constantly on the look out for the allies.

ww2 germans chain of command

bolt action german infantry

     Now back to the painting desk, I have a lot more to get finished as a big parcel of unpainted PMC buildings turned up in the post this week, and I want to get another squad of infantry painted up.

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