Saturday, 27 December 2014

A growing town

      A belated Merry Christmas to everyone reading this, I'm only two days late. . .

      This post is a mix of a model painted and a bit of my Christmas haul, but it's stuff that all ties together quite nicely. The four buildings in the picture below are from two different ranges, three of them are conflix, merchant's, guild master's and money lender's houses respectively, while the last is from the Ziterdes range.
wargame buildings town

      Ziterdes is a manufacturer that I have heard about before but never really had much to do with. I bought a couple of small bits of theirs from a little model shop I stumbled across a few weeks back, and then talked myself into going back and buying another couple of much bigger bits from the range. This building is the first of those two bigger purchases and took quite a bit more work than the last two bits I bought. The models don't come anywhere near as nicely painted as the website seems to suggest they do but an hour's work repainting it and I still think they are good value for money, especially when mixed into my current collection of buildings.

ziterdes mordheim building scenery terrain

wargames mordheim building scenery terrain

Thanks for reading.