Friday, 27 March 2015

Albertine airport opens

      In the build up to Salute, at the end of next month, I am desperately trying to clear all of those half finished models and projects off of my painting desk ready for the new influx of unplanned purchases, and I am really sorry to say that this means my blog will go right back to having the attention span of a mayfly that I tried to steer away from. On the other hand, some of my better ideas and modelling projects have been single miniatures or so half baked they will never form a whole army, even using Open Combat, and as long as we go into this month knowing what we are getting into, I think it can be enjoyable for all of us.

      The first model from this glut of painting is my VBCW Albertine Sopwith Camel and it's pilot. It's a model I doubt will get used in any real way other than as an objective or as scenery, but I honestly don't care. The pilot is from North Star, while the plane is from Eduard and is a proper modeller's kit, and really showed me how spoilt wargamer's are with the ease our kits go together. I have kept the colour scheme as neutral as possible, partly to keep it usable in anything WW1 where it is appropriate and partly because I wasn't brave enough to paint any of it purple, which has become the colour I am using to tie together my Albertine elements.

vbcw plane bi-plane albertine airplane

ww1 vbcw pilot british north star

ww1 airplane sopwith camel eduard 28mm

      Then while I was shooting the pictures of the Sopwith Camel, I got a bit carried away again and decided to shoot the 'armoured' convoy on the way to the airport (read as convenient field).

albertine vbcw armoured convoy

       I really do need to paint up some more of my VBCW models and organise a game at some point, this project really has suffered from being overtaken by other ideas that have ended up with a higher priority, and considering it was the project I started with on this blog, I need to nurture it a bit more.

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  1. Lovely aircraft, as well as pilot. Nice to include them in a gaming scenario.

    1. Thanks Dean. I'm looking forward to it. Just need to either organise a game with someone with or a force, or get my second one painted up. Always something else to do.

  2. Nice work Mike. Funny enough my foray into VBCW happens to be for the Duke of York.

    1. Thanks! We need to organise a game at some point then! Itching to use my figures.
      Also I sent you that email I promised but it bounced back?

  3. Nice addition to the force