Saturday, 7 March 2015

Finished up and on the table

     It's not very often I get to do a blog title quite like this one, but here it is, a project finished and on the table. A 24 point Lion's Rampant force, that is a mix of historical crusaders and Game of Throne House Baratheon, depending on my opponent.

     All I was missing at the end of the last post was a single unit of crossbowmen, who were right on the verge of being finished, and here they are;

     Then to tie this project up I even managed to organise a game at my club, with Neil, one of my regular opponents (and the guy who told me to buy these rules). This was one of the better games I have ever played, but one that ended up in a bit of a stale mate, with my troops unable to take the centre ford and his troops unable to take the flanking ford.

      This last image is from a different game, about two weeks later, but I felt it deserved to be on this post, just a nice image of the battle lines clashing.

      Next up I am looking at another unit of foot men at arms or a unit or two of mounted foot serjeants. Does this mean this project isn't actually finished yet?

Thanks for reading


  1. Oh heck, Mike,,these look very tasty indeed. Lovely work on the whole retinue. Glad you enjoyed the game - I can't wait to get my first one in with my retinues.

    1. Thanks Herbert. Another really good game that's worth getting into.