Monday, 22 June 2015

Ash Waste Vehicles

       So here I am, a complete post-apocalypse, Mad Max rip-off, sell out, but I'm really enjoying the models. . . 
      These are from Ramshackle Games, and although they look a lot like they are kits, and the website will sell you them as such, don't let all that fool you! What I love about this range is it is basically just a catalogue of vehicle bits, with a category that is just packs of parts, that with a bit of work, that look good together. Having said all that negative sounding stuff, I have to say I absolutely loved the whole process, there is a lot of filing and green stuff to part parts actually stay together and fill voids, but when the point of these vehicles is that they are bolted together from scavenged parts I really don't care. 
      The only parts of the models that aren't included in the packs are the guns, which are spare plastic GW ones that otherwise live in my bits box forever.

necromunda vehicle ash wastes car gw gang

        As I always try to build something with an eventual use in mind, these were built to play an old GW expansion to the Necromunda rules, Ash Wastes. I suppose it was basically what the old Gorka Morka players got when they kept asking for a use for their old Vehicles. So these rules allow you to mount your gang on bikes, cars and bigger transports, put guns on them and see what happens.

ramshackle games quad trike apocalypse 28mm

necromunda gorka morka hive ash wastes

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