Sunday, 9 August 2015

No job for the peasants

     Let me start with a statement of fact; I hate painting cavalry. No idea why, it's completely irrational, but its the reason my armies are always made up of rank upon rank of infantry.
    On that note, here is a unit I have been meaning to do for a long while but haven't managed to work up the courage to even buy until about a month ago. A unit of mounted men at arms for my growing Lion's Rampant force:

     I have kept the colour scheme overly simple, keeping them in-line with the foot versions, rather going to town as I had originally planned, as I wanted them to fit into the established force without effort. Although, I have future plans to paint up a unit with a much more elaborate set of heraldry.

crusader miniatures knights mounted baratheons

lions rampant mounted men at arms baretheon

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  1. I share your reluctance to paint cavalry, all that extra effort on the leatherwork etc for what is, in effect, still one miniature. That said thee look great, you should do more! ;)

    1. Thanks Michael. I have to say these have made me feel more confident about buying another pack :S

  2. Nowt wrong with those, Mike. What make are they, please?
    I've never painted 28mm cavalry before so have yet to cross that hurdle.

    1. Thanks Roy. Crusader miniatures from north star. My standard fare for this sort of stuff.