Thursday, 6 August 2015

Did someone call in the armour?

     I based my Canadian tank wars army on what I found to be the 'normal' formation used by late 1944 by the Canadian army in Europe. The ideal, full strength and fully equipped platoon would consist of 5 tanks, 3 Sherman and 2 Sherman Firefly, so that is what I have done, but I had points left over and wanted something with a bit of punch, so added a wolverine tank destroyer, who has probably got himself lost and repurposed. As with all of my Bolt Action armies I am not trying to recreate a set regiment or battle, I am more interested in building a competitive list that I can enjoy playing, but importantly, in my head, that is believable and/or justifiable. 

 Death Wish - command Sherman.

 Danger and Doll - Shermans.

 Dastardly and Duke - Firefly Shermans.

canadian wolverine sherman arv bolt action
 Devil Dog and Defender - Wolverine and Sherman ARV.

canadian 4th division sherman markings bolt action normandy
      As ever I tried to put some research into the markings that my tanks should carry, then promptly forgot half of it in the excitement of getting my hands on the models themselves, so don't treat these markings as gospel.
      As Death Wish is modelling, the front three markings are, for me, the important ones; The red square with numbers in shows this is a fighting armoured regiment, the yellow disc shows the bridge weight of the vehicle (in this case all Canadian Shermans had the weight of 33, which in the British army was only carried by the firefly variant) and the division badge (in this case the green of the Canadian 4th). Name wise, it was common for British tank regiments to all name their tanks with names that start with their company letter, so; in this case, mine are from D company, hence all the D names. Again I have worked on the assumption that this carried on across to the Candians as well.

         Gubbins on the back of the tanks. British tanks were notoriously messy with the crews covering their tanks with basically everything they could get their hands on. Not sure if mine are messy enough yet, but I have more stowage and bits on order so this can change in the future.

That's all for this time. I doubt I will surprise anyone by saying I have a few more tanks on my painting table, so they will appear on here in the not too distant future, but next time, something less Bolt Action-y.

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  1. Absolutely tremendous Mike, there is definitely something about the Sherman, such an iconic vehicle.

    1. Thanks Michael. I just love the look of them, everything about one is just 'right'.

  2. Sheesh, how many tanks?!
    Nicely done. I'd struggle to finish that many in 10mm (sad, but true!)

    1. Thanks Roy. Just have a routine and stick to it. Once they are built I find painting tanks a pleasure.

  3. Impressive collection of armor, Mike.