Saturday 26 March 2016

Raising the walls - Afghan compound

     I hadn't intended to do a step by step building process on this blog at all as it isn't really my style but I was going through my photos and realised I had such a comprehensive series of shots on how I did it that it seemed daft not to do something with them. It's worth pointing out that the techniques and ideas I have used in this whole scenery project have been shamelessly ripped straight from other blogs, namely; Toofatlardies and Wargaming with a Silver Whistle, but I hope it is clear that I have put my own spin on them and made the end result, uniquely mine. So this is how I built my first Afghan compound.

 The building is a Perry middle eastern mud house I found cheap on ebay, mounted on some wood I had left over and with basic foam card walls around the edges to create the compound space. 

 I also stuck the spare plastic walls inside the compound to break up the long straight lines and then covered every bit I could get my fingers into with filler. I tried to smooth out gaps and rough up flat bits and make it all look like it was built at a simple time out of local materials (mud).

Once the filler was dry I covered the compound's base in sand and painted the whole model in Nutmeg Spice* as it's first base coat.

 I then painted random patches in Earthy Hue** to break up what was going to be a really monochrome building and drybrushed the whole model in Cosy Grey*** for the final layer.

The end result. Probably needs some tufts to break it up a bit and I will get more gubbins to leave around the place, but I am really pleased with how it came out. Now to replicate the process as many times as I dare.
* Wilkinsons
** Also Wilkinsons
*** You guessed it

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  1. Well I'm certainly glad you posted the process Mike, great job Sir.

    1. Thanks Michael. I just need to do the courthouse like you asked for ages ago!