Sunday, 10 April 2016

Dragon's Rampant

     With Salute less than a week away my attention has been drawn to the list of unfinished projects I keep on my phone and it is daunting, so I have decided to get as much painted in the next 7 days as I can. It's numbers over specifics at this point so anything could go up on this blog over the next week.
      The first bits are from a conversation I had at my club on Wednesday and definitely not the outcome of the conversation that anyone would have expected. We had just finished playing a Napoleonic Naval game (see link) which I was using to show another mate the basis of an idea I had and we got chatting about Battlefleet Gothic (more on that later) and passing through anything else that interested us and this reminded me I hadn't finished the additional units I was going to use to turn my Lion's Rampant force into a Dragon's Rampant army. So here they are:

      The first unit is my wizard, apprentice and bodyguard. This 6 man unit means I can use my wizard in pretty much anyway I want: Hard unit with magical abilities, single man unit with magic, wizard and apprentice for Frostgrave or anything in between. The joy of Dragon's Rampant is there is no set way to use anything, so I can try different ideas out with these 6 men. Everything in this unit is painted as per everything else in the army, the only exception being the bodyguard's shield have an extra detail just to make them stand out a little.

      Next up is exactly what it says on the tin; the dragon. You can't play a fantasy game without adding a monster and it seems a bit daft not to add a dragon to a game that has that monster in it's own name. While my magic user is painted to match my colour scheme this one's palette was chosen to stand out, his belly is yellow(ish) to kind of match, but the dark red is something completely different.

Size comparison

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  1. Ohh a dragon! How cool is that! Great job Mike.

    1. Thanks Michael. You've got to have a dragon - it's in the law I think (or is that lore?)