Friday, 22 April 2016

The ranks fill

     Carrying on my Arthurian theme, I managed to finish 2 more units just before Salute, but for some reason, I haven't managed to get time to sit down and put them up on here until now. So with no further ado.

      The second unit of foot serjeants. I have found a couple of units of these guys is a fairly solid wall that you can then build from with the rest of your force, so this second unit was a must. I've gone for an inverted colour scheme on the shields just to separate the 2 units.

      While shooting in Lion's Rampant isn't the most effective thing in the world it still pays to bring some to the party and, in this case, I have gone for a unit of basic archers.

These are the bread and butter of my force, next it's time for the fun part, the men at arms.

Thanks for reading