Thursday, 2 June 2016

Beginning with French conscription

      If I could ever stick to one project for any length of time I reckon I could be dangerous, but as there is no chance of that, my safety lock is still firmly on. Now, I would like to say that this was a terrible accident and that I didn't mean to do it but I think we all knew this would happen at some point. I have been a big fan of Sharpe for years and I have always drooled over Napoleonic armies in the magazines but refighting Waterloo just isn't going to happen due to a lack of commitment on my behalf and a lack of opponents. With all the fuss about Sharp Practice 2, I figured I might have solved my problem.
      Being aware that if I want a game of something I have to create armies for both sides I still wasn't sure I had what it takes to actually ever play Napoleonics, so I went to Salute with half a plan to look to see what was out there but not to buy anything. Obviously, I went home with a plastic box of Warlord's early French, a 6 pounder cannon and a pack of Voltigeurs, which was swiftly followed by another box of plastics and a few extra sprues for good luck, a daunting amount of Napoleonics.

My force so far: 2 units of regular troops and their captain (Lv3), and one unit of voltigeurs with their lieutenant (Lv2).

        Lastly, my kickstarter pledge for Heroines in Sensible Shoes turned up this week and this nice little freebie was in it. It's completely unrelated to the main topic of this post but that exactly how my little blog normally goes.

Thanks for reading


  1. Oh you devil you! As I was reading this Mike, I found myself nodding sagely - great fan of Sharpe, yes - drooling over Napoleonic armies, yes - unable to concentrate on one this, oh my goodness yes! Sharpe Practice 2 has caught my eye too as there has been a bit of chatter about using it for the Indian Mutiny and Crimea too, but perhaps a little sneaky Napoleonic action too, well maybe.

    1. I'd say I'm sorry, but I'm just not . . . There are so many things I want to use it for but figured if I didn't start with something Napoleonic I would just kick myself.