Sunday, 12 June 2016

Normal life in a conflict zone

     I have been saving up the odds and sods that I have been painting up as part of my Afghan project and I definitely have enough to constitute a post, so here it is:

    First up are the civilians themselves. I've kept to the same basic colour schemes as I did my fighters as they are supposed to blend in. I reckon I still need some more but this is enough for the time being.

        Next up is the livestock; the two big bases of goats have already been used in a game but the others are new additions.

          These are the bits I am most pleased with. A spur of the moment Salute buy and what a buy they have turned out to be.

        This last thing is one of two road signs I picked up with the satellites and air-con units. I'm trying to find some election posters for the other one but as some basic advertising, I think this is ok. The real test is whether I've picked a coke sign with the right language on it.

Thanks for reading


  1. Cracking stuff Mike, I love the little details on the table and these should really set the the tone nicely.

    1. Thanks Michael. Loads more ideas to come. This project has really got my imagination going.