Friday, 9 September 2016

Odds and Sods 2

    Just a really quick post this time to show the odds and sods that have worked their way across my desk in the recent week or so.
     First are more German tank crew from Artizan Designs' pulp range. They are early war but fit in really nicely to fill out both my squads, while the female crew(wo)man was just too cool not to pick up at the same time. Thank you for the suggestion Simon!

    Next up are yet more fantasy figures I bought when I first started looking into Frostgrave. I suspect I went too heavy buying up random interesting figures for the game but while there is no pressure to get them painted and I can just do them as I fancy, they have been really good fun in between other projects. There is generally one on my desk at all times.

I'm aiming for a slightly more substantial post next time, so, thanks for reading


  1. Nice work! A good variety of ranges there!

    1. Any idea where there lady with the lantern at the front is from? I had in my head it was CP models but I can't find it.

    2. Thanks Simon. I should have mentioned actually! She is from Heroines in Sendible Shoes - the first kickstarter. Fairly sure she is online at Oathsworn miniatures.