Monday, 5 September 2016

More scatter terrain for Afghanistan

    My on-going attempt to fill my Aghan table with interesting scatter terrain has been a really fun project to keep me occupied. All the bits in this post have been built and painted over the course of a few weeks, basically, whenever I get an idea, I don't want to get to the point where this is ever forced.

The first bit is less scatter terrain and more added detail - in this case, 
the teddy bear in the doorway.

This second bit is the second road sign in the pack from Empress Miniatures. I wanted something that looked like it was from an election and didn't want to offend anyone or do something set at a particular time - so I created my own using various images from the web. 
The bin bags are from TT Combat.

This next bit is, at best, charitably counted as cover. I doubt a pile of cardboard boxes will save you from a bullet but they might let you sneak up on a position. Boxes are TT Combat.

I think the weapons table was stolen from something I saw online a while back but it has been floating around in my ideas pile for so long that it had to be done, plus it can be the focus of a mission - stop the weapons dealer.
Barrels and boxes are TT Combat, board is the side of an afghan wagon I didn't use and various guns and ammo are from the Assualt Group.

Again, going for line of sight blocking more than real usable cover, I wanted the scenery to include real life bits not just properly defendable hiding places. So a pile of tyres felt like the answer. Again, the tyres are from TT Combat - what a great pack that was.

Our first test run of Modern Bolt Action. In the future, I would like a much denser board, but for the amount we are playing at the moment, this is perfectly adequate.

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  1. Mike these are really good, lovely additions Sir.

    1. Thank you for the kind words Michael.

  2. Looking good, a period I am still avoiding but I am feeling tempted to post an update on my recent Congo/Darkest Africa work.

    1. Thanks Andy and yeah, you really should! I love seeing other people's terrain.