Sunday, 23 October 2016

Zomtober 2016 - Week 4

Zomtober zombie count: 17

   I don't really know what to call this but I suspect I have been watching too much of The Walking Dead, while building plastic Rubicon Opel Blitz's. This lorry, however, is a cheap resin Opel Blitz off ebay (it looked easier to build the cage on the back) and I bought a few more German zombies just to fill it up and complete the look.
   The guy in front is made from a Warlord German sprue with zombie extras that was built as a backup plan in case I couldn't finish this or it looked terrible, as it is, he can now just join the rest of the horde.

Thanks for reading


  1. This is wonderfully disturbing Mike, great job!

  2. LOL thats ace love it! Nice work Mike!

  3. This is the second zombie truck I've seen done for K47 and the idea seems even cooler to me.

    Really nice effort - I like how they are reaching through the railings, very creepy.

    1. Thanks Dai.

      I've not seen any others yet but I assumed they must be out there. I am off to have a search now.