Friday 27 January 2017

Hervictus 17th support tanks

   Carrying on from a post I did a couple of years ago about painting up some Imperial Guard tanks*, I have added a couple of support tanks to my fledgeling army.

*It's interesting to see how I've changed
my blog style since then.

   The first is the Hydra, the best AA tank in the Imperial Guard. This tank was a must as I know my planned regular opponent has a platoon of drop troops all mounted in transport aircraft and with a couple of gunships to escort them in. One hydra may not cut it but it will give me a fighting chance. 
   As the kit is designed for a Cadian looking force I have had to convert up a new gunner that fits in with my force, in this case; it is the top half of a lascannon gunner and the bottom of a Cadian officer. The coat is slightly too long but he doesn't look out of place, which is the important part.

steel legion hydra tank 40k

   The second tank is a Griffon, a mobile mortar tank. This one takes a bit more explaining. I bought the conversion kit on ebay with the plan to use it as the base to convert a Salamander command vehicle, which Forgeworld stopped making a few years back, but when I had the kit in my hands I realised it was nearly as old as my youngest brother** and cutting it up just felt wrong.
   Again, as an open topped tank the crew had to be replaced, in this case; the loader from a missile launcher team, although, I might add a second crewman in the future.
   By all accounts this is a terrible tank both in the fluff and in the game but it fits with the mobile nature of my regiment and I am looking forward to seeing what it can do on the table.
**The kit was made in 1995!

steel legion griffon tank 40k

   Last up isn't the tank at all, but the crewman. Back in the same blog post I linked to earlier, I posted about a Cyclops demolition tank that I had picked up on a whim and I mentioned that I didn't have a controller for it. Well now I do.
   The body is from Victoria Miniatures and is supposed to be part of an artillery crew, but with a simple head swap and a few extra pouches on his webbing he fits into my force, (again his jacket is a tad too long).

steel legion cyclops controller 40k

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  1. These are so good Mike, love the little details like the targeting screen.

  2. Looks good to me. If you look at WW2 or WW1 photos soldiers wore a mix and match of uniform and gear. Some captured stuff at times. So no sweat with the longer coat.

    1. Thanks Phil. I am taking a lot of influence from WW2 - planning on adding a lot of those units that would never be worth it in a gyard army.