Friday, 3 February 2017

Hervictus Dispatch Rider

   One of the things that has always bugged me about 40k, and to a lesser extent Bolt Action, is how the game ignores the extra support staff that help maintain a coherent military unit, of whatever size you are playing, so this is something my mate and me want to incorporate into our games in the future. This has lead to a lot of thinking about where these games ignore units entirely or change the role of others, and then how to go about converting such units.
    A unit I have always been curious about, and that I had an idea on how I wanted to convert, was a dispatch rider, especially in an era where the technology has gone so far backwards that communications can be as bad, or worse, than in WW2. We haven't decided if it will be a separate unit or just count as a bodyguard for the command HQ but it should be a really good addition to my fledgeling Imperial Guard company.

steel legion rough rider dispatch imperial guard comversion

   The model is a mix of parts; the bike, hands and legs are from Ramshackle Games, the body, arms and gun on the bike are Games Workshop, while the dispatch bag is from a bag of German WW2 tank stowage I bought from Die Waffenkammer a while back, all on the compulsory Warbases base.

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