Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Probe Droids

   One of the things you come to accept in this hobby is your level of painting skill, my skill is very much in getting uniformed troops onto the table in a speed that some of my mates can't get over, but that only really pass the 2 foot rule in general. My biggest issue are non-uniformed figures as these slow me down, and if I am not enjoying the process, it can kill my enthusiasm quicker than a horde army will. This is what is happening a bit with the heroes from the Imperial Assault box, so I thought I would treat myself to a unit that I knew I would enjoy painting and would be quick and easy to do. Up hoover the probe droids from the starter set.
    I haven't done anything special with the paint job, it really is as simple as it looks, but on the boards they really look they are supposed to be there. With these guys turning out to be a lot more potent in the game than I expected, it makes sense they should look the part.

Now back to painting heroes I think.

Thanks for reading