Friday, 13 April 2018

Carrying on with Gangs of Rome

   My painting motivation hasn't been what it could be in recent weeks but I am turning a corner and spending more time at my painting desk and, while some of the bits have been completely off topic, I am trying to get on with some of the more important projects.

   First up, using my soon to be patented 'batch colour system' - this time white and blue, is another base of Roman mob. I think this base is entirely made up of figures from War Banner but I'm just not sure anymore.

   More importantly, I have also been trying to finish some gangers so I can try to get a game or two in to help motivate this project. I have quite enjoyed picking up the body I fancy working on, finding what the card says and building/painting the figure to fit, so in this batch Plautilla's description says that she always uses barbed arrows, so I knew the figure needed a bow.
  (Left to right: Manlius, Mastiff and Plautilla)

Thanks for reading


  1. These are looking great Mike, you are making Gangs of Rome more and more tempting.

    1. Thanks Michael. Got to stay motivated long enough to get a game in!

  2. Great job, love the civilians on the first picture...waiting for more now!