Friday, 20 April 2018

Gangs of (Just Outside) Rome

   While I have been doing a lot of work on my Napoleonic's recently, it doesn't mean that I have forgotten my other big projects for 2018 and Gangs of Rome is right near the top of the big 4. I have 4 gang members and 4 bases of mob already painted, I figured with a couple more gangers finished off I should be in a position to try out the rules.

Left to Right: Publius and Matida.

   With 2 more gang members painted up, I next turned to the scenery they would be fighting over. My Rome scenery collection is far below the required amount to play in the hustle and bustle of the Eternal City herself, so plan B (which was actually my plan A but don't tell anyone) was Gangs of (just outside) Rome, based around a villa estate. If years of watching Time Team has taught me anything, it is that a single villa does an estate not make, so a cheap Roman storehouse from Warbases later and it felt like I could put a convincing board together.

Gangs of Rome scenery building warbases storehouse

   So here we go, Gangs of (just outside) Rome;
   If I am learning a game by myself (i.e. my opponent doesn't know how to play either) I always simplify rules right down to the most basic level just so we can get a feel for the mechanics before adding the game's details back in, so that is what we did for our first game, no mob or denarii. Our first play through ended up (as the pictures will show) being a mass brawl in the middle which turned out to be fun, but ultimately unsatisfactory.

Gangs of Rome scenery board building warbases villa

   I forgot to take photos of the second game but adding in the mob and some coins made a huge different to the game (and I am sure adding multiple levels and more buildings will change the game a lot more too), the mob, especially, are really good fun in the game.
   After trying the rules out at a couple of different complexities this feel like a great evening game, potentially working as a multiple player game too. The combat is bucket of dice fighting on both sides that can be pretty bloodless at times for the effort put in, but fighting and saving added to the pebble out of the bag mechanic mean that you never get a chance to sit down and wait for your opponent to do their thing, which I see as a good sign in a game.

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  1. Look great Mike! It seems quite popular. I am sure once you get a better grip of the rules it will click and become more tactical for you.

    1. Thanks Simon. Yeah, that is the theory, at the basic level it has the building blocks to be a great game.

  2. The project is all coming together nicely Mike! The mini's and terrain look fantastic and the gameplay sounds good.
    Brilliant idea to start off "in the 'burbs" as you get to grips with the rules and build your collection :-)

    1. Thanks mate. It was my plan A going in - buy what you NEED to actually play, pick up anything else when you know how much the game is actually worth to you - in not just hard cash, but time to hobby and storage space.