Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Sons of Horus Destroyers

   I've not been brilliant at keeping up to date on this blog recently, but I start my new job tomorrow and I am planning to get back into a normal routine of work, home, hobby, gaming* and blogging as soon as I settle in.
   Until then I have carried on painting the army I plan to use at the 30k event I am attending at the end of June with the aim of being finished before the end of May so there is no rush. Along with the Assault Marines last time, I wanted a full unit of Destroyers to be a big wedge of mobile threat, so I set about doubling the unit I already had and adding an Apothecary.
*I plan to look at what I am gaming and
reassess what I am actually enjoying

The full unit with Apothecary

   I managed to get a game in using both my new units - suffice to say it didn't go well but I got some good photos from it;

Thanks for reading


  1. The latest Destroyers look excellent Mike, and the game might not have gone well, but looks cool!
    All the very best for tomorrow and the new job mate :-)

  2. Stunning work Mike and good luck in the new job.

  3. These look like fantastic minis. Very grim and purposeful looking. Nice paint work dude!

  4. Brilliant brushwork Mike! Colors are simply fab :)