Monday, 3 December 2018

Munitorum Depot

   I have achieved next to nothing in the last week or so, which when added to looking after an ill rabbit this weekend - hourly feeds all day and night* - have led to this state not changing. However, I had a test project nearly finished and it was late yesterday afternoon that I realised what needed to be done to get them finished.
   I have become really good mates with the guys that ran the Extinction of Thuros event at the start of the summer and now they have announced their next one will be early next year, I have promised to supply at least one table's worth of scenery to make for some **better photos of the event and some more themed looking games. So off I went, ordering a couple of mousemat mats from (well Incom gaming but the point stands) and as many Munitorum Crates as I could afford in one go.
   I'll go into more detail on my first planned board once it is finished, but in essence I wanted a board that would be easy to transport and whose components would be useful for other boards too - a table full of crates seemed like the easiest thing to box up and move about.

* Making a really good recovery
** hopefully
ultramarine munitorum armoured crate container 30k 40k scenery

   Having just finished reading a few heresy era Ultramarine novels (to get ready for that project) I was struck by the images of fighting amogst the loading docks on and above Calth and this felt the best theme to do.
   I've not weathered my test crates that heavily simply because I have this thing in my head that supplies were better in the crusade/early heresy, a crate simply wouldn't be let get to the point where it would embarass a legion, although I will have a couple that will be worse off.

   The key thing was to get a scheme I could replicate cheaply and easily as I have a good 24 of these to do minimum. . .

Thanks for reading


  1. I know all about the struggles with a sick animal, hopefully everything turned out ok.
    Great looking crates :)

    1. He's looking good so far, Ivor!
      Thanks for asking.