Monday 25 April 2022

6th Light Dragoons

    The final push of Operation Panic Paint went much better than planned, however, as my old job wound down and my new one started up what I forgot to get done was the photos of units as they were finished, so nothing new made it onto the blog. I've had a spare bit of time so I've gone back and tried to line up some posts to show what I finished towards the end of March.

   In this post we have a mix of fictional units from two very different sources. If you've read the Matthew Hervey series and the Temeraire series you'll know where I am coming from.

   First up are two units of British Light Dragoons from the fictional (at this point in history) 6th Light Dragoons from the Matthew Hervey series of books, which I am only a few books into currently. In the novels they were at Waterloo, so I figured it would be cool to have some units to represent them. The figures are from Essex Miniatures.

   Last up is a Light Dragoon Dragon rider. Let me explain. The Temeraire series is set in the Napoleonic wars and the author likes the idea that even in alternative history there are events that need to happen, however, what is different is that there are dragons. Without giving any plot away, there is a dragon corp as an extra wing of every nation's military and I've wanted to do something with this since reading the books a few years back. I've gone for a light dragoon on a small dragon (from Alternative Miniatures) to represent one of the messenger dragons rather than a front line battle dragon. I'm pretty sure the dragon riders in the books wore different uniforms, but that's not something that I was worried about in my army.

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