Thursday 28 April 2022

ECW Dragoons - No Added Dragons

    Carrying on the Dragoon theme to get a cheap joke, I thought I would finish off the last figures I had for my Parliamentarian force for my 15mm English Civil War army. As I mentioned last summer when I painted the infantry, I bought myself two small starter forces so I could test the theory, but only got as far as painting the infantry for one side. If my painting time does entirely dry up like I'm half expecting it to, I won't be finishing the second side for this force any time soon, but I've got them prepped ready for any spare moments as I would love to see them on the table this year.

   The figures are from Essex Miniatures and I've given them a dark red jacket so that they don't match any other unit I have planned. While the colonel and horse holder are in slightly more generic clothing.

While this is the last I've bought for my 15mm Parliamentarian force, I'm not counting it as complete for my tracker as I will be buying more at some point soon - especially if I can get the other side painted and on the table.

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