Saturday 3 September 2022

A Highland Loiter

   In a surprise twist to my painting schedule, may I present the start of Scotember, a month of Scottish themed armies*. I have 2 and a half Scottish armies to paint up and as I have been reading a series called The Rigante, which starts as a fantasy take on the ancient British and ends up being the Scottish Highlanders in the English Civil War, I thought I would take a look at some projects that have ended up being pushed right back due to a lack of deadlines.

*although, I might add some other stuff on if my attention starts to wain

   The first army is a Highlander army for ECW and for the Jacobite Rebellion. I need about 60 tartan clad highlanders for the 24 point Pikeman's Lament force, which works out at about 3 packs of Warlord Games' Highland Clansmen**. I had planned to paint them as a single clan army, but the more research I did, and sorry to any Scots reading this and shouting at the screen about the idiot Englishman, it doesn't seem like clan tartan was a thing in this period and it was more a range of tartans that were worn as part of the culture. So I plan to paint a mix of tartans - although based on real modern ones for simplicity - and then mix the units up, so the first box I painted in the same tartan as my Napoleonic Highlanders***, in the colours of Cameron of Erracht.

**plus change to make up numbers

***more on them later (hopefully)

   The bannerman doesn't have a flag on his pole as it is in the post. The plan with these (especially as I have more bannermen than I need for a normal army) is to have a mix of ECW/War Of Three Kingdoms and Jacobite rebellion flags so I can flavour the army as needed.

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