Tuesday 13 September 2022

A Highland Scuffle

   With a week or so off of painting with a trip to the Lake District and Hadrian's Wall, I'm back to painting my Highlanders. My next batches were always going to include some sort of royal tartan but with the current news it felt right to push Royal Stewart Tartan up the painting order.

   So I said last time that I planned to paint each box in a different tartan colour, but looking at what I have left to do (4 batches from 2 more boxes*), I think it makes more sense to do each batch in a different tartan.

*ish - actually 2 boxes and some extras

   As with my first whole box, this batch of 12 will be mixed between different units and will be used as clansmen and commanded shot for ECW using Pikeman's Lament and mixed Natives units for Jacobite Rebellion using Rebels and Patriots.

As always, I have about 20 projects I want to be getting on with, so I'm going to just knuckle down and get painting.

Thanks for reading


  1. Hello, clan tartans are a Victorian invention. Historically these guys would be wearing various ‘tartans’. The tartan patterns got more complicated as time went on. Regards Simon

    1. Hi Simon, yeah, very aware I've gone a-historical on the tartan with this project. My next post already has a paragraph written explaining why I've done it but essentially this is one of those times where the Hollywood version just feels more right than the accurate version - something that in nearly every other context would make me weirdly angry.
      Appreciate as an English man messing with Scottish history I'll upset a few people, but hopefully they can see what I've done.