Thursday, 1 January 2015

End of the year, where did that go?

       So, my first year (7 months) of blogging is up, what have I achieved?

       First up, I'm going to refer to the half year resolutions I made earlier in the year. My four hobby targets for the year were:

  1. Play 52 games. End of year games played; 83.
  2. Paint 6000 points of models. 7311 points of models painted.
  3. Paint 5 Storm of Magic monsters. Only 1 painted.
  4. Enter a non-attack wing tournament. Entered 2 and won an award at one of them.
 Outside of my targets for this year here are some more stats;
  • I have played 22 different games/rule sets,
  • With a 41% win ratio,
  • And painted 346 models in total.
  • My most played game was Star Trek Attack Wing with 39 games played,
  • My second most played game was Saga with only 6 games played.

      As I succeeded in most of my targets, I am pretty happy with how this year has gone. Other than working out what forfeit to give myself for not painting up 5 monsters, this year has gone really well.
     This next year's aims are going to go down a similar theme to this year's, I'm not upsetting the apple cart too much here;

  1. Play 52 games. 
  2. Paint more models than I buy. A change from last year but one that I hope will encourage me.
  3. Paint 5 monsters. Changed a little from last year.
  4. Enter a non-attack wing tournament. 
  5. Learn a new game. I'm not overly sure how to work this one out, but I am thinking a minimum of 10 games of something should show it has been played enough to be considered learned? Maybe with a tournament at the end or something?

      Lastly, purely blogging stuff. This wasn't an aim or a target or anything, I just found the facts interesting. As I write this my blog has had 2553 views, has 18 followers and has 63 posts written. So a massive thank you for everyone who either follows, or just reads this regularly, none of this would have been done without you guys. It's a weird feeling that there are people out there who are interested in what I get up to painting and playing with toy soldiers.

Thanks for reading


  1. A cracking year Mike and here's to an even better 2015.

  2. Well done dude! Let's hope 2015 continues in the same vein.