Thursday, 8 January 2015

Divine advice

     Hot on the heels of the more militant members of the Open Combat warband is their healer, again based really loosely on another member of my old LARP group. He is a Heresy Miniatures model that I have given a hand transplant to. In the game he is armed with fists (which really don't do all that much) and a bow (which instead of wounding, actually heals its target). The bow on his stat sheet represents his ability to heal, rather than being a really weird option I have given him. 

d&d healer heresy miniatures cleric open combat

     Next up is the Necromancer. Again he is a Heresy Miniatures model, this time he had a head transplant to make him look a bit less like the cultist model he is supposed to be. He has been given a much more pallid skin tone as I can't help but feel necromancers are unlikely to be getting much in the way of sun . . . He has also been given a bow, which this time represents his ability to raise the dead (he shoots at an imaginary undead troop and if he wounds it, it actually gets raised within 2" of him) and has a hand weapon just to give him a bit of staying power in combat. I actually want this guy to survive in combat, while the healer shouldn't last more than a turn or two if he is daft enough to get caught.

Heresy miniatures dark brethren tunnel priest necromancer

    Lastly I have two new bits of scenery that tie into this game. A undertakers props pack designed for the game Malifaux and a whole graveyard piece from the old days of GW. The undertakers props are single bit resin pieces and are a really nicely sculpted and cast, I really can't complain about these bits at all. The GW piece is more of the hard foam that Ziterdes uses, while, this particular one was bought, as cheaply as I could manage, from ebay and had been partially repainted, so it has taken a few hours to try and tidy it up a bit. My next terrain purchase is going to have to be the Rendra grave stones set to do the bulk of the graveyard, but the big GW bit makes a spectacular centre piece.

Malifaux undertakers props graveyard terrain scenery gothic horror

GW graveyard terrain scenery gothic horror

28mm adventurers open combat second thunder warband
The warband finally sight their quarry
     I can't really explain the last photo, I was just enjoying myself by that point.

Thanks for reading.


  1. Top stuff, again.
    I reckon that staff the necromancer's holding would work twofold: one, a wizards staff for raising the dead; two, twisting it around, he could use the other end to bash his enemies over the head with that lethal-looking ball.
    But all that's just me having a bit of fun.

    I really like that healer model, btw. The colours and pose work well in conveying who and what he is.

    1. Thanks again Roy.
      The staff is the reason I gave him a hand weapon, doesn't matter what end he uses, it is going to hurt! I might even make it a two handed weapon. To the play testing!
      And yeah, the healer is the one I am most pleased with. Just a gorgeous sculpt.

  2. Nice additions to the warband dude!

  3. Top notch minis and scenario. Love the shades of green on the Knight´s cape!

    1. Thanks RMacedo. He is one of my favourite models at the moment.

  4. Love the terrain here - I was always fond of that graveyard - I'd love to find that and the ruined tower GW put out around the same time :) I picked up the Garden of Morr second hand, I'm going to try and de-skull it a bit, so it'll fit in with my non-GW fantasy stuff and even Pulp/Mythos games. I also got some of the Renedra headstones - they're very nice, so I'm interested in seeing what you do with them! The healer, necromancer and other bits of terrain are very nicely done.

    1. Thanks Chris. I have the ruined tower in my lead mountain, now you mention it that would look really good with this stuff!

      I keep looking at the garden of morr set, and I have no doubt I will crack and buy one, but it is the sheer amount of gw skulls that worry me. I will be interested to see what you do with it.